Stress In DebtIn The Red Management Office Over Tenure Expansion

There seems to be agitation among the staff of the Financial debt Management of (DMO) as its director-general, Dr Abraham Nwankwo, is apparently computing for tenure extension after finishing the statutory 2 periods of 5 years each.

A senior official in the parastatal who disclosed this on the ground of privacy, said that many member sof personnel were not satisfied with the development, stating it was againstprotested the spirit of adjustment as well as due process which characterised the Buhari administration.

The official specifically referred to Section 9 of the Financial debt Administration Office (Establishment) Act,2003 (Appendix 1b), which stipulates that: “The Director-General shall hold office for a period of 5 years in the initial instance and also could be re-appointed for one more term of 5 years and no a lot more.”

According to the authorities, Dr Abraham Nwankwo was designated as the director-general of the DMO on 1stJuly,2007 and he has actually served without disruption given that after that.

“We recognize that the director-general is scheming extremely hard currently to expand his period of workplace by convincing those responsible that he is the only man that can do the task reallyquite possibly. We desire to state clearly that any kind of extension of the DG’s period of office would make up not simply breach of the extant law establishing the DMO, however would certainly offer as a negative criterion,” the authorities claimed.

The official said that given that the extant regulation developing the DMO does not envisage tenure expansion, Managemnet and also Staff of the Office are versusprotest extension of period by the DG.

When asked why participants of staff of the DMO were againstprotested the period extension, the resource stated that prolonging the DG’s period would further demoralise them.

He particularly noted that the DG did little or nothing to spearhead the implementation of a boosted compensation plan for the DMO personnel which had actually because been authorized by the DMO Supervisory Board goinged by the vice-president over the years, as well as it was for that reason halted.

He stressed that several members of personnel that are fretted concerningbothered with the supposed period extension are of the opinion that Dr Abraham Nwankwo makes no crucial personal distinction in the operations of the DMO.

“They as a result unmask the insurance claim that his absence will certainly affect the procurement of the recommended USD 30 billion infrastructure financing by the Federal Government.The DMO has the capability, not just to obtain the suggested financing, however to deliver on its required as a Firm with skilled specialists”We understand that the director-general is computing extremely hard now to expand his tenure of workplace by persuading those in authority that he is the only male that could do the work really well.